Aside our main activities, i.e. production of custom solid furniture, we provide other furniture-related services, such as:

  • Furniture design. Should you favour us with an order, furniture design will cost you nothing. For your convenience, we offer the opportunity of ordering the furniture project only. Why is the furniture project so important? The furniture project is of crucial importance in the cases when the furniture is being manufactured for the premises with non-standard floor plan (e.g. small kitchen, attic room, and so on). In these cases, the objective of the furniture project is positioning the furniture pieces so that they retain their functionality, remain comfortable and, certainly, save space while maintaining the basic requirements for furniture. However, even the standard room furniture project should be entrusted to experienced professionals, who will be able to offer you the best solutions based on their experience and knowledge.

  • Board cutting and lamination. We have special high-quality equipment. We are always ready to help you.

  • Designer’s serviceswhy are they needed? Investment into designer’s services will be very useful if you are tired of your typical apartment or work place and dream about exclusive individual home or work spaces.

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