Furniture Production

You and your needs are the most important thing in the whole furniture production process. Those are our starting points and the axis of production process, around which other production stages are rotating.

We will arrive to your place or office to clarify your needs and provide perfect and accurate design of your future furniture then and there. In addition, we will gladly give you a piece of advice or offer as well as provide visualization for you to see the picture of the future furniture. Thus, after analysing your individual needs, we will provide you with the furniture project, which can be adjusted (if necessary) until it fully meets your expectations.

Next comes another important and responsible step, and that is selection of materials, architectural hardware, colours and textures. At this stage, we will be happy to lighten your selection procedure as much as possible by offering only the highest-quality materials, panels and accessories of best-known manufacturers (KRONPOL, EGGER, THERMOPAL, WODEGO), which conform to your furniture specifics. So, all you have to do is know your preferences and possibilities as well as relax because we offer only high-quality materials and high-quality accessories.

So, we have a coordinated furniture project on our hands. We have also selected all necessary materials and accessories. Let’s begin the furniture production. We are proud to inform you that our furniture is being manufactured using our own equipment. This allows us to offer our customers custom furniture at exceptionally attractive prices. We do not use the intermediary services when manufacturing our furniture, thus remaining independent of their employment and being able to speed up the furniture production. 

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